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Acting and Performance Academy


Customer Testimonials

My daughter became more confident after the first month of acting classes.  She is feeling more comfortable speaking in front of others, is making more eye contact and has made new friends.  We have continued with APAcademy and love what it has done for our daughter


I had been looking for an agent for over 3 years.  When I joined APAcademy, Karen helped me get an agent within 3 months.  Thank you Karen, you are awesome!


I am a senior who started classes with Karen. I am loving every part of the classes. Karen is so supportive and encouraging. Thanks Karen !!!


I am a senior citizen and have always loved to perform. Life happened and I was unable to persue my dreams. I found APAcademy and after training for 4 months they got me a job on a set and I received my first "movie" paycheck. I love the staff and the training. I love what I am doing! 

 thank you APAcademy.