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Acting and Performance Academy


Our Story

We have built a school of choice through honesty, integrity and hard work with over 30 years in the Entertainment industry. We are here for you, to help you do what you love to do and get paid for it. Our students feel safe when they walk through the door.  We coach from an agent and casting directors perspective; This allows you to train and go to auditions to book the job.  Your success is our success!

Whether it's for your acting career, behind the scenes, to build confidence, enhance reading and speaking skills or to have a positive goal in life, APAcademy is the place to be...

We will Coach you on your journey to success. Because we offer a platform to help you network and market your career we will connect you to agents, casting directors and producers as you grow and gain the knowledge you need. Acting is a career and  you can be successful, it takes heart, hard work and dedication like any other career.  90% of our students have agents and are working in the industry making a living for themselves and their families. 


QUESTION: How long do I need to study?

ANSWER: Like Doctors need medical school, Lawyers need law school... Actors need acting school and training.  Like any career you will be training as long as you want to be a professional working actor.

QUESTION: It looks so easy, I can act, why do I need classes?

ANSWER: Like any career you have to know what you are doing and perform it well.  Of course actors make it look easy  they practice their craft daily and will continue to study and train throughout their careers, that is their job.  There is much to learn in the industry, since it cost a director $7000.00 a minute to say cut on a set they want an actor who knows what they are doing and knows it well.